Joining Troop 11

Step 1: Determine whether Troop 11 is right for you

  • Webelos dens often visit a number of troops to get a feel for which one fits best. It is helpful if a den representative contacts the Scoutmaster prior to these visits (just so that it is not a surprise to have 10 extra people in the room!)
  • Webelos and their parents often attend Webelos Woods in the autumn. This is a district-level event where the troops in the district all camp together and show off what makes each one unique. It’s a sort of Boy Scout troop trade show.
  • If you are not already involved with a Cub Scout pack, individual youth and their families can visit a Troop meeting any time. We meet on Mondays during the school year at First Presbyterian Church in Houston at 7:00 p.m.
  • Boys can join Scouts any time between their 11th and 18th birthdays. The majority of boys join in 6th grade, but it is not at all unusual to have older boys (who typically were not in Cub Scouts) join later on.

Step 2: Get registered

Step 3: Get a uniform

  • Go to one of several Scout Shops located around the Houston area:
  • You will need to purchase the following items:
    • Scout uniform shirt (short or long-sleeved)
    • Scout uniform pants or shorts
    • Scout socks
    • Scout belt
    • Merit badge sash
  • You will NOT need the following because the Troop provides them:
    • Shoulder loops
    • Scout Handbook
    • Handbook cover
    • Knot tying kit
    • Neckerchief
    • Neckerchief slide
    • Patrol patch
    • Unit number/veteran unit patch
    • SHAC patch
    • World crest patch
    • World crest ring
    • Troop t-shirt
    • Name tape
  • Note that the Troop has a few gently-used uniforms available at no charge if you need one

Step 4: Be active!

  • At the first Troop meeting after signing up, the new Scout will receive the items (listed above) that the Troop provides and will be assigned to a patrol
  • Regularly attend Troop meetings on Monday nights
  • Come camping with us for a weekend every month during the school year.
    • You will hear about these opportunities at Troop meetings and via broadcast e-mails.
    • We use Eventbrite to register and pay for camping trips.
    • You will need some gear, but it is not expensive (to start out with, at least!) We have a good gear list in our resource library.
  • Go to summer camp or winter camp to move quickly through the ranks and learn Scout skills

Step 5: Get the parents involved

  • Even though we are a boy-led troop, we still rely on a lot of parental involvement to keep things running smoothly. There are a number of ways to volunteer with the Troop: