Troop 11 Contacts

Sean O’Connor

Committee Chair
Jim Miller

Allen King

Membership Chair (and e-mail listmaster)
Kent Johnston

Camping Chair
Stephen Cullar-Ledford

Advancement Chair
Becky Galloway

Training Chair
Lyman Paden

Adult Quartermaster
Kent Johnston

Stephen Cullar-Ledford

Medical Forms Chair
Bert Adkins

Troop 11 Google calendar event feed:

Information about our facilities and locations

Twin Bayou District Contacts

The district helps raise funds for the council to provide programs for our youth with FOS, Scout Fair Coupon Books, and Popcorn sales. The district also provide programs to our units such as Twilight Camp, Webelos Woods, Boy Scout Camporee and the Boy Scout Merit Badge Fair. The program staff helps with advancement including Eagle project reviews. The program staff also helps with unit leader training such as Introduction to Outdoor Leadership skills. The district helps coordinate membership issues including forming new units and helping cub packs with the recruiting process. District website:

District Chairman (volunteer)
Christopher Gray

District Commissioner (volunteer)
Zig Werlla

District Executive (paid staff)
Angelita Guerrero

Sam Houston Area Council Contacts

CEO/Scout Executive (paid staff)
Chief Executive Officer for the council. The Scout Executive/Chief Executive Officer reports to the Council Board of Directors as well as the Southern Region and BSA national office.
Tom Varnell

Chief Operating Officer (paid staff)
The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for field operations, support services, and operations of the Cockrell Scout Center; and manages the implementation of the council’s strategic plan and the construction of the new Camp Strake. The Chief Operating Officer reports to the CEO/Scout Executive.
Thomas Franklin

Director of Field Service (paid staff)
The Director of Field Service is responsible for all district operations, unit service, membership growth, and supervision of the field service team of professional Scouters, paraprofessionals, support staff, as well as the council registrar and the registration team. The Director of Field Service reports to the Chief Operating Officer.
Marty Sepulveda

Field Director, South Division (paid staff)
The South Division Field Director is responsible for all district operations, unit service and membership growth in the South Division and supervises district executives in Aquila, Brazos, North Star, Tatanka, Thunder Wolf, and Twin Bayou Districts. The South Division field director reports to the Director of Field Service.

Activities and Training Program Director (paid staff)
The Activities and Training Program Director is responsible for all council activities, training, advancement, and managing all camping programs at Camp Strake. The Activities and Training Program Director reports to the Director of Support Service.
Nathan Doherty

Boy Scout Program Director (paid staff)
The Boy Scout Program Director is responsible for supporting the Boy Scout program in all districts and managing all Boy Scout camping programs at El Ranch Cima including Cockrell River Camp and Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend. The Boy Scout Program Director reports to the Director of Support Service.
Brett Lee