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Download the patrol box checklist


Tonight is the first time patrol quartermasters will work at the shed to prepare for this weekend’s campout ahead of time. The most important activity will be checking and packing tents, but each patrol should also check their patrol boxes to be sure they have everything they need.

Sean O’Connor has provided a handy Patrol Box Checklist that will help make that task easier.

Follow-up details from Parents’ Meeting

We really appreciate the great turnout for the parents’ meeting last night. This note is to follow-up on some of the topics discussed with more information.

  1. Camping Schedule
    The troop’s camping schedule for 2016-2017 has been announced. Click here see it.
  2. Packing Lists
    We have a great set of packing lists available on this site. Click here, then click on the rightmost tab for summer camp.
  3. Detailed Camp Information
    Camp leader’s guides have detailed information about each camp

  4. Swim Check
    There will be a swim check on Saturday, June 18 at Willow Pool. Time is TBA. Watch your e-mail, Facebook, or this site for details to come.
  5. Adults Needed
    With our expanding size, we really need a few adult leaders to step up to help in some supporting roles.

    • Campout Assistant Persons-in-Charge
      We already have volunteers in place for all of our events for the school year. It is a lot of work to organize a trip and the load is lightened if we can have Assistant Persons-in-Charge who can shadow the PICs and learn how to do it.
      – Contact Stephen Cullar-Ledford, Camping Chair, if you are able to help. 
    • Campout Grubmasters
      We eat at every campout. Whether we eat well depends on the grubmasters. The Adult Grubmaster helps the patrols plan their menus then goes shopping with them on the Wednesday night before departure to buy it all.
      – Contact Stephen Cullar-Ledford, Camping Chair, if you are able to help. 
    • Campout Quartermasters
      While the Grubmasters are shopping, the Quartermasters are at the shed folding tents and loading trailers so that we can depart more quickly on Friday night. We need someone to supervise.
      – Contact Stephen Cullar-Ledford, Camping Chair, if you are able to help. 
    • Assistant Scoutmaster for Indoor Activities
      Be a mentor to the Green Bar (The Scouts who are in leadership positions in the troop) to make sure that troop meetings are well planned and well run.
      – Contact Sean O’Connor, Scoutmaster, if you are interested.
  6. Troop 11 Facebook Group
    We have a new Troop 11 Facebook group which is becoming a good source of information about what is going on. Go to If you “Like” the group at the top of the page, you’ll see updates in your feed as they are posted. Also, be on the lookout for a communications preferences survey to be distributed in the next few days. Your feedback is valuable and appreciated.


Person-In-Charge guide now available on

Because camping is at the heart of scouting, one of the most important roles within the troop is the Person-In-Charge for a camping trip. For an experienced PIC, there is a lot to do and it can get busy in the few weeks leading up to a trip. For a new PIC, the range of tasks to be completed can seem overwhelming.

We’ve taken a big step toward making this critical role a little easier by preparing a Person-In-Charge guide. It walks through everything that needs to be done in each phase of planning and provides links to the resources needed to get those tasks done.

As with everything on, this is a living document. Please send questions or suggestions for changes to

The PIC guide is at


2015-2016 SHAC Program Guide

The Sam Houston Area Council has published a Program Guide that is full of useful reference material, especially for adult leaders. It includes information on:

  • unit rechartering
  • safety procedures
  • recruiting and membership procedures
  • adult training opportunities
  • advancement management
  • Council camping opportunities
  • the Council’s monthly calendar of activities and meetings