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Sea Scout Base Galveston 2016 Pre-Registration Now Open


You must be at least 13 years old on July 18, 2016 to attend Sea Base

If you are interested in going to SeaBase in July of 2016, click the link below to make your non-refundable registration deposit.

Details, including the total cost, will be announced when they are determined. We just want to get an idea of how many participants are really interested so that we can reserve the right number of slots.

2015-2016 Calendar Updated

Following the planning meeting on Saturday April 11, the Troop’s event calendar has been updated.

You will see some “TBAs.” We know what days we want to do what, but need to do more research to determine the specific places to go.

Troop 11: Spring 2015 Camporee

Troop 11 is honored to have been selected by the Twin Bayou District to host the 2015 Spring Camporee.

A camporee is a district or council event that brings together multiple troops, usually to compete in events that utilize Scouting skills and teamwork. This will be a great place to see first-hand how other troops operate, meet new people, build stronger patrols within our own troop, and to have a lot of fun.


Unlike most camporees, we are hosting this event. This means that we need everybody’s help getting set up, helping groups as they arrive, manning the competition events, dealing with problems that arise, and keeping everything flowing well for our guests.

We especially need help on Friday afternoon. This will be when we will need several adults to arrive at Camp Brosig early, get set up before any other troops arrive, and help with registrations.

Camp Brosig is in Sealy, just an hour or so west of Houston. Helpers do not need to camp overnight but can arrive for a few hours and leave when done.

Get more information and register here:

Flem’s Ranch Campout, February 6 – 8

Register Here

If you ask the Scouts of Troop 11 to name their favorite trip, year after year you will hear the same thing: the shooting sports campout at Flem’s Ranch.


Flem Rodgers has been a friend of Troop 11 for years. He permits us to camp on his property near Woodville and spends a lot of valuable time working with the boys during the weekend. The boys will learn how to safely shoot .22 rifles, shotguns, and (often) a black powder rifle. They will even get to throw tomahawks! All ranges will be closely managed according to BSA guidelines and run by at least one trained range safety officer.

Flem is also the Troop’s go-to guy for pioneering – he trains and supervises the boys erecting our famous Webelos Woods zipline. During this campout, Scouts will have an opportunity to finish the Pioneering merit badge work many of them started at winter camp or, for new Scouts, to get their first introduction to lashings and knots.

Scouts going to Philmont will try to do another shakedown hike. Details TBA.


Scouts are strongly discouraged from arriving late or leaving early. It is a lot of work to pack and load gear into the trailer, set up and break camp, and to unload gear and hang tents up when we return. Leaving early means more work for everyone else.



Monday, February 2
  Last day to register
  Meal planning, duty rosters
Wednesday, February 4
7:00 p.m. Grocery shopping at Kroger
Friday, February 6
5:30 p.m.  Meet at the Scout Shed (see directions at the bottom of this page)
6:15 p.m.  Depart from the Scout Shed
6:30 p.m.  Eat dinner at Whataburger at 9955 South Main Street (SE corner of South Loop)
9:00 p.m.  Arrive at Flem’s Ranch
  Set up camp
Saturday, February 7
 7:07 a.m.   Sunrise
   Wake up
   Set up cooking areas
   Make breakfast, wash up
 Noon  Lunch
   Philmont shakedown hike (if possible)
 5:57 p.m.   Sunset
   Make dinner, wash up
Sunday, February 8
7:05 a.m.  Sunrise
  Wake up
  Pack tents and gear (Troop policy: you can’t have breakfast until your tent is down)
  Cold breakfast
  Load gear into vehicles
  Roses and thorns
11:00 a.m.  Depart Flem’s Ranch
1:00 p.m.  Arrive at Scout Shed
1:30 p.m. Dismissal (when SPL says it’s OK to go)


Packing Lists

For information on boots, mess kits, sleeping bags and insulator pads, check out our own Kent Johnston’s guide. Another good list is at

Scouts should read the Camping section of the Boy Scout Handbook. 


ALL participants should use this Eventbrite invitation to register and pay (if applicable.)

Adult Training Required to Participate

The troop and the BSA require participating adults to have completed several training courses prior to attending troop activities. We encourage adults, both men and women, to be actively involved with the troop’s activities and to spend a few minutes going through three online training courses.

  • Youth Protection Training for Boy Scouts
  • Fast Start Orientation Training for Boy Scouts
  • This is Scouting for Boy Scouts

If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster, additional in-person training is required. Speak to any adult leader to find out more.

Directions to the Troop 11 Scout Shed

4400 Town Plaza Drive, Houston, TX 77045

(Important note: There are NO restroom facilities at the shed)

  1. From 610, go south on South Main to the Hiram Clarke Road exit.
  2. Go south on Hiram Clarke Road
  3. Turn left onto Town Plaza Drive.
  4. Turn left into the second driveway (into the warehouse complex)
  5. We’re the second-from-the-last rollup door on the left side of the middle lane in the complex.
Have questions about Shooting Sports Campout at Flem’s Ranch?
Contact Camping Chair, Troop 11

University of Scouting – February 7, 2015

If you won’t be on the T-11 campout at Flem’s Ranch, consider attending the University of Scouting on February 7, 2015.  They offer more than 100 different courses–including, for those of you who need it to become a “Trained” Assistant Scoutmaster, the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster-Specific course.  See for more information.  They also have training for Boy Scouts, which may be of interest if your son won’t be at Flem’s Ranch.

Philmont Training Center

by Lyman Paden

My family has enjoyed the Philmont Training Center for the last three years in a row. I think that you and your family would have a great time there. And the price is right (about $1,300 for a family of four; and save money by registering before December 31).

PTC holds a different set of courses each week, from June 7-13 through August 9-15 and then a separate week of September 13-19.  I encourage you to look at the list of courses, to see which ones appeal to you.
For more information, go to: (It also works just to go to To give an idea of what you and your family should expect, see the video at And there are a lot of different videos and other information available at the web site.
“Early Bird” discounts have been extended to January 31.  It’s always a good deal, but it’s an even better deal if you register before the end of January.
The trip to Philmont can be fun. I’ll be happy to share some of the places we’ve visited along the way.