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Troop 11 is headed to northern Arkansas’ Camp Osage at Kia Kima Scout Reservation. The camp has been welcoming Scouts to the banks of the South Fork River since 1964. At Camp Osage, you will find traditional, though exceptional, camp programs including nature, Scoutcraft, handicraft, shooting sports, aquatics, and STEM programs. All aquatic activities, including swimming and boating, are held at the Osage waterfront on the South Fork River. All meals in Camp Osage are served in the new dining hall that opened in 2015!


This year we’re travelling on a chartered bus to and from camp. This makes the trip easier on the adults and allows us to avoid overnight stops in each direction, shortening the overall duration. Using a bus also means we can take a maximum of 55 people.

No Trail to First Class

In a departure from previous years, the troop has decided not to participate in the first-year program at Kia Kima. Instead, all Scouts can sign up for a full slate of courses that take advantage of the facilities available at summer camp. We will work on the “Trail to First Class” curriculum in smaller bites during regular troop meeting throughout the year.

You will be able to indicate your preferences through this invitation, though note that this is only an indication — we may not be able to sign you up for the courses you want for any number of reasons. There will be some back-and-forth to settle on a final schedule for each Scout. Sign up early for your best chance to get the courses you want!

High Adventure Options

There are several high-adventure options available on an individual basis. Some of these programs allow Scouts to stay in camp and earn a few other merit badges. Other programs take the Scout into the field for the entire week.

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