Camporee Update

Hello All,

Last day to register for next weekend’s Camporee:  Register at:

We are hosting a canoe race and need empty milk, bleach, or similar jugs to mark the course.  Please bring tonight or Friday.

Another troop is hosting a climbing tower.  No Scout will be allowed to climb unless he’s covered by a climbing release form, signed by his parent, present at the campout.

Pre-campout Wednesday night activities:
The Wednesday night before most of our campouts we have two preparation events:

  • Grubmasters:  7:00 PM at HEB corner of Bissonnet and Buffalo Speedway.  Buy all the food for the patrol.  A Troop ASM will be there to supervise and pay but scouts do the shopping, storage, and transport.
  • Quartermasters: 7:00 PM at the Shed (4400 Town Plaza).  Prepare gear for trip.  This is critical for a timely departure on Friday.

Every patrol needs to supply at least one scout to each team.  New scouts should try to go with an experienced scout to learn the ropes.  Please let your scouts know if they are available on Wednesday.

Tonight’s Meeting Agenda:
We are going to be planning for next weekend’s campout.

  • New Scouts can bring their personal camping gear for inspection.  Go to for packing list
  • Scouts interesting in completing the First Class requirements #2 or Cooking MB need to bring recipes (cookbooks, magazines, print from internet, etc).  ALL MENUS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY THE COUNCILOR!