Scoutmaster Update: January 24, 2017


Youth Emails

Are you tired of being an answering service for your son? A large part of scouting is to teach responsible and organization. If you want them to receive these Troop-wide messages just send me their address. Note: as a social experiment I occasional send my kids an email with a “secret word.” Any kid who knows the word at dinner gets a prize. It worked wonders.

Uniform Reminder

All scouts need to be in full field uniforms (official shirt, pants, belt, socks, and book) at all Troop meetings and whenever the Troop travels. Complete uniforms are a requirement for Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review. For Court of Honors they should also wear their neckerchief and merit badge sash.

Service Hours

If you need service hours before next Monday night please let me know. I am aware of several opportunities.

February 10-12 campout: Backpacking and service project on the Lone Star Trail

Please find details and registration information at this Eventbrite link. Note: there is an Early Bird Registration Discount: While newly joined scouts are welcome, this is a physically challenging trip. You should be prepared to carry all your food and gear at least 2 miles. Not ready, no problem, we have two easy trips in March.

Court of Honor: February 13, 7:00 PM

This will be a special Court of Honor as Nick Herero will be receiving his Eagle Scout Award. Next Monday (January 30th) is the submission deadline for all advancements and awards.

Skiing Merit Badge – February 25th

If you are planning a ski trip and want to earn Skiing Merit Badge please email Ms. Brown ( She will provide you instructions for how to document your on the slope requirements. Classroom requirements will be covered February 25th at FPC.