Scoutmaster Update: February 2, 2016

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  • Scout SundayFeb 7th
  • Next Campout sign-up deadline – Feb 8th 7:00 PM
  • All Parent Committee Meeting – Feb 8th
  • Books wanted
  • What’s a Grubmaster?
Hello All,
  1. Scout Sunday Feb 7th 8:00 AM:  This is our opportunity to thank First Presbyterian Church for 95 years of sponsorship.  Troop 11 will meet at 8 AM in the Narthex of the main sanctuary, (Front Door on Main Street).  We will help with Ushering and taking collection.  Full Class A uniform.  Service is over at 9:15 for those who wish to attend other Churches.  [counts as a Troop event]
  2. Deadline for registering for our next campout is Feb 8th 7:00 PM.  Our February 12-14 campout will be a second visit to Shipley’s ranch. Scouts will get to see firsthand how their favorite breakfast treats are born as little sugar cubes, tag along for the annual hole roundup, then tour the sweethouse where the holes are grown into full-sized do-nuts. Or, maybe we’ll just have a nice campout, work of rank advancement, play field games, and do all of our cooking on open fires instead of stoves. Sign up here:
  3. All Parent Committee Meeting – Feb 8th7:15 PM;  Committee Chair Jim Miller will be hosting an All Parent Committee Meeting during our regular troop meeting.
  4. Books wanted:  Our Troop librarians are collecting Texas travel books and cookbooks with simple recipes (Mastering the Art of French Cooking not required).
  5. Grubmasters:  Before each campout, one member of each patrol is responsible for purchasing food.  We call this scout the Grubmaster.  Typically, all the Grubmasters meet at the HEB on Buffalo Speedway at 7:00 PM on theWednesday before a campout.  The Grubmaster has a menu and shopping list prepared by his patrol the previous Monday.  After loading their cart they get critiqued by one of the chaperoning Troop adult leaders, who removes all that irresistible junk food, adjust quantities, adds fruits and vegetables, and points out those little mysteries of life like why do buns come in packs of 8 but hotdogs in packs of 10.  We then line up all the carts, check out, and the leader pays.  The whole thing takes about an hour.  Each grubmaster will take his patrol’s food home and bring to the shed on Friday.  All the members of a patrol are expected to take turns being the grubmaster.  These shopping trips are not only an obvious necessity but very educational regarding cooking, economics, and nutrition.  Please encourage your scouts to volunteer to be a grubmaster.
Please let me know if you have any questions.